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Grete Jalk Daybed Sofa

Has been reupholstered. Design: Grete Jalk MFG: P. Jeppesen *SOLD*  

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High-back Reclining Lounge Chair

Design: Svend Langkilde MFG: SL Mobler, Denmark *SOLD*  

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Teak Hexagon Side Table

Design: Hans C. Andersen

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Oak Desk

Designed by Bent Silberg, Denmark *SOLD*

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Teak Sideboard

Designed by Gordon Russell MFG: G Plan *SOLD*

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Eames Round Segmented Base Table

MFG: Herman Miller *SOLD*

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Coffee Table

MFG: Bramin, Denmark  

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Walnut Table

Designed by George Nelson MFG: Herman Miller, has been re-veneered

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Teak Corner Hutch

MFG: Bramin, Denmark *SOLD*

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Teak Dresser

Designed by William Watting MFG: William Watting *SOLD*

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Niels O. Møller Chairs

set of 4 *SOLD*

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Dining Table by Niels O. Møller

MFG: Gudme Møbelfabrik, made in Denmark, pictured with 2 leaves *SOLD*

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Danish woven cord chairs

set of 6 *SOLD*

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Svend Madsen Teak Table

with 2 jackknife leaves *SOLD*, pictured with Danish woven cord chairs  (set of 6) *SOLD*

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